The Mausoleum

Mausoleum burial offers a dignified alternative to ground burial. These mausoleum crypts are climate-controlled structures that are designed to honor your loved one in the most regal and respectful way possible. Mausoleums are built to last and allow future generations to visit their loved ones in a comfortable, beautiful, and peaceful setting.

There was a time that mausoleums were only for the very wealthy. At Park View Cemetery & Crematory at Kirby’s Mill we have many options available to meet every family’s financial needs.

Three crypt areas:

  • Chapel - Elegant, stately and sophisticated with marble crypt fronts
  • Atrium - Marble crypt fronts with bright and airy views of the cemetery
  • Garden -Three distinct outside areas with blue pearl granite crypt fronts

Four Different crypt configurations for one to two loved ones, with options for up to two additional cremation rights.

Think About Your Family & Plan Ahead

A thoughtful, caring family can help the ones they love by planning ahead and providing Peace of Mind. We cordially invite you to visit and  see all the options available to you and your family in a relaxed and caring atmosphere.  This will enable you and your family to make a thoughtful decision when everyone is thinking clearly, rather than at a time of grief and emotional stress. 
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